Are you planning to upgrade your Jeep with 37-inch tires? The right lift kit is crucial for such a significant modification. This article guides you through selecting the perfect lift kit to accommodate 37-inch tires on your vehicle. Let’s explore the essentials of lift kits and the factors influencing your choice.

What Is a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is an aftermarket modification for vehicles, primarily used to raise the body or suspension. This modification enables the fitting of larger tires and enhances off-road performance. Lift kits vary in types and sizes, catering to different driving needs and vehicle models.

Things to Consider When Choosing Lift Kits for Your Jeep Tires

When selecting a lift kit for 37-inch tires, consider the following:

  1. For 37-inch tires, a 4.5-inch lift kit is the minimum requirement. Anything smaller might cause vehicle damage during turning​​​​.
  2. Certain vehicle models, like the F-150, comfortably fit 37-inch tires with a 6-inch lift. But, this may be a stretch for some models​​. Similarly, a Ford F250 requires a lift kit of 6 inches or more for proper clearance and to avoid interference with the tires​​.
  3. Increasing the height of your vehicle’s suspension not only enhances its off-road capabilities but also improves its overall appearance​​.
  4. Large tires and high lifts can have drawbacks, such as changes in vehicle handling and increased fuel consumption. It’s essential to consider these factors before proceeding with the lift​​.
  5. Accommodating larger wheels and a lift kit often necessitates re-gearing your vehicle for optimal performance​​.

Lift Kit for 37″ Tires

For accommodating 37-inch tires, a lift kit of 6 inches is generally recommended. This size ensures adequate clearance to prevent damage during turns and accommodates the larger tire size without issue.

Some vehicle models like the Silverado might even benefit from an 8-inch lift for a better fit and enhanced off-road capabilities.

It’s also common to re-gear the vehicle to optimize performance with the larger wheels and lift kit. While 37-inch tires offer improved aesthetics and off-road potential, they may also impact handling and fuel efficiency, so these factors should be considered​​​​​​​​.

Lift Kits for 33″ Tires

For 33-inch tires, the best lift kit size ranges between 1.5 and 3 inches, depending on the vehicle model and the type of tire. Most Independent Front Suspension (IFS) vehicles require at least a 2.5-inch lift, with additional modifications like trimming of fender liners and body mounts.

Solid front axle vehicles can accommodate 33-inch tires more easily, often requiring fewer modifications. In some cases, a 2-inch lift may suffice, but it heavily depends on the tire type and vehicle model.

A common scenario is using a leveling kit for vehicles like the F-150, which might be enough to avoid the need for a lift kit altogether​​​​​​​​​​.

Lift Kits for 35″ Tires

Fitting 35-inch tires typically requires a more substantial lift than 33” tires. The minimum necessary lift size for vehicles like the Ford F150 is about 3.5 inches.

However, an alternative option could be a 2.5 to 3.5-inch leveling kit combined with appropriate modifications like wheel spacers and trimming of the fender, body, wheel wells, and bumpers.

For the Chevy Silverado, a lift of 3.5 to 5 inches is recommended, with a 6-inch lift kit being ideal to avoid any fender wall issues. Trucks with longer wheelbases can accommodate even higher lifts.

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