Meet the Team Tires Book!

Welcome to Tires Book! I’m Junaid Khalid, founder, and CEO of Tires Book. I’m not just the typical executive; I also serve as the website manager and chief editor, with an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality content.

As a staunch car enthusiast, with a background in chemical engineering, and an in-depth understanding of rubber technology, I’m uniquely qualified to be at the helm of this venture.

My talents extend beyond the realms of engineering and tire technology. As a seasoned blogger, publisher, and content writer, I have honed my skills in crafting engaging, informative, and compelling content over the years. But that’s not all – I’m also a gymholic, demonstrating that I’m just as dedicated to maintaining a strong body as I am to nurture a sharp mind.

The idea for Tires Book was born out of frustration with the lack of in-depth information available about tires. I knew there had to be a better way, and so I set out to create a platform that combined thorough research with practical experience.

Tires Book’s unique research methodology involves market research, meticulous examination of tire specifications, critical analysis of user reviews from credible sources, consultation with tire and auto-related scientific journals, and input from tire industry experts to deliver the most accurate and valuable information. Read in detail about our rigorous research and review process.

My diverse skill set, including knowledge of rubber technology, content writing expertise, and exceptional research abilities, makes me the perfect person to spearhead this venture. My experience as a seasoned blogger and publisher enables me to build and lead an editorial team consisting of tire experts that is more than capable of providing the best advice and performing rigorous fact-checking.

This commitment to quality and accuracy is at the heart of Tires Book’s mission, and it’s what sets our platform apart from the rest.

Our Tire Experts and Reviewers

Solomon Osuagwu – Writer

Osuagwu Solomon is a professional automotive technician with more than 10 years of hands-on experience as a certified mechanic. Throughout his career in the garage, he has gained an understanding of vehicles and developed an unwavering passion for all things automotive.

What makes Osuagwu stand out is his combination of skills. Alongside his expertise in mechanics, he has also spent over 5 years working in the writing field. This diverse background enables him to bridge the gap between knowledge of garages and effective written communication.

Osuagwu’s venture into writing was driven by his desire to share his experience in the garage with fellow car enthusiasts and amateur mechanics. His automotive articles serve as a resource providing insights into solving complex mechanical problems, comprehensive buyer’s guides, and thoughtful comparisons of cars and tools.

When he’s not tackling challenging issues in the garage you can find Osuagwu at his desk crafting automotive guides that simplify intricate concepts for readers. His dedication to both repairing cars and sharing knowledge reflects his passion for the world of automobiles.

Tuwi Park – Reviewer

Tuwi Park sitting at the side of his light truck with the tire shown

Tuwi’s interest in cars started when he was a child. His interest in the car area was primarily fueled by his dad’s enthusiasm for Formula One.

He has developed his expertise and experience in the field over the years, mastering every aspect of auto components and accessories. The car he uses is a Nissan Navarra which he has customized to allow for a larger all-terrain set of tires. His vehicle has all-terrain tires since he is fond of the outdoors and camping!

He pursued his passion for working in the auto sector after earning his Business degree in Entrepreneurship. Before graduating, he began by buying and selling car parts and accessories online. He then joined Shopee Philippines a major e-commerce firm in Southeast Asia where he works closely with some of the best-selling brands and shops that specialize in car or motorcycle-related items. He is a well-known player for spotting trends and buyer behavior online.

Working directly with numerous tire brands to support their growth and increase their market share online is one of his primary tasks. He is now regarded as an expert in the tire and automotive industries, and many firms have benefited from his work in order to succeed online.

He has joined Tires Book to share his expertise in the tires and automotive industries, offering valuable insights for readers. His knowledge of the tire market makes him an invaluable contributor, helping car owners and enthusiasts make informed decisions on buying the best tires for their vehicles and specific needs.

Mark Kamal – Reviewer

Mark Kamal is sitting in his car

Mark Kamal is an automotive engineer, automotive freelance writer, and one of the petrol heads out there. He used to drive many car models, but nowadays he owns a Skoda Octavia MK4, a Hyundai Accent, and a Nissan Sunny.

He had a passion for cars since childhood so he joined the College of Mechanical Engineering at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt, and got his bachelor’s degree in 2016. After graduation, he started his career as an automotive engineer for Mercedes Benz. He also worked for Volkswagen for a short span. Recently, he has been linked with Mazda as a technical support engineer.

Through these years he expanded his knowledge in the automotive field by taking many certified courses in many areas of automotive engineering such as power train systems, electronics, and suspension and tire systems.

Nowadays he runs an auto workshop in a certified Auto manufacturer company. His key responsibilities include diagnosing mechanical & electrical faults, and tire inspection and diagnosing. He then makes sure that the cars are fully serviced, any fault is eliminated, and runs perfectly as they should. This is really where he finds himself, always following the saying, “First-Time Fix Rate.”

Also, he used to develop online content for DIY fixes, tire, and car reviews.

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  3. Tire Tips, Tutorials, and Troubleshooting

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