What Is Treadwear Rating?

Treadwear rating is a number that shows how long a tire’s tread lasts compared to other tires. It’s part of the UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) system and appears on the tire’s sidewall. Treadwear ratings range from 100 to 1000. Higher numbers mean better tread life.

Treadwear Rating Explained

A treadwear rating is a critical factor in understanding tire durability. This rating, stamped on the tire sidewall, is a numerical value that reflects the tire’s expected life compared to a standardized control tire. The UTQG system, developed for consumer benefit, helps in comparing tires from different manufacturers based on their longevity.

The treadwear rating ranges typically from 100 to 1000. A higher number indicates that the tire’s tread is likely to last longer. This system offers a standardized method for consumers to gauge tire longevity, although it’s essential to understand that these ratings are relative, not absolute measures.

The testing process to determine these ratings involves comparing a tire’s wear rate to that of a control tire under controlled conditions on a specified government test course. For example, a tire graded 200 is expected to last twice the distance on this test course as one graded 100. This comparative analysis allows for a more informed decision-making process for consumers.

However, it’s important to note that treadwear ratings can vary based on tire types and manufacturers. Different brands may have varying standards and testing procedures, which can impact the final rating. Therefore, while the treadwear rating is a useful tool for comparison, it should be one of several factors considered when purchasing tires.

Treadwear Rating Chart

*These are approximate mileages calculated by multiplying the treadwear rating by 100 as a general rule-of-thumb. The actual mileage may be less or more depends on your driving style, road conditions, and how well you maintain your tires.

Where to Find Treadwear Ratings on Tires?

You can find the treadwear rating on the tire’s sidewall. Look for numbers after “TW” or “TWR“. It’s displayed with other information like load index and speed rating. It’s also on the manufacturer’s website or the tire’s owner’s manual. Online tire retailers provide detailed treadwear rating information​​​​​​.

How to Read Tire Treadwear Ratings?

As a general rule of thumb, multiplying the treadwear rating by 100 gives the expected life of a tire. A 500 treadwear tire may last 50,000 miles (400 x 100 = 40,000). However, it is not an accurate indication. The actual tread life depends on your driving style, maintenance schedules, and road conditions where you drive your vehicle.

Traction Rating

Traction rating shows how well a tire grips on wet surfaces. Just like treadwear rating, it is a part of UTQG. It ranges from AA to C, with AA being the best. This rating helps you know how safe a tire is in wet conditions. Look for this rating on the tire sidewall. It helps in choosing tires for rainy areas​​.

Tire Temperature Rating

Tire temperature rating tells you how well a tire resists heat. It ranges from A to C. A is the best, meaning the tire handles heat well. It is a part of UTQG. This rating is crucial for high-speed driving. It shows how well a tire resists heat build-up at high speeds.

What Is a Good Treadwear Rating?

For regular driving, a rating between 450 and 600 is good. It offers a balance between longevity. comfort, and cost. However, a good treadwear rating depends on your needs. Ratings range from 100 to 1000. Higher ratings mean longer life.​​

How Long Will a 400 Treadwear Tire Last?

A 400 treadwear tire has a medium durability. It should last approximately 40,000 miles. It is suitable for family and luxury vehicles and provides a good balance of traction, cost, and comfort.

How Long Will a 700 Treadwear Tire Last?

A 700 treadwear tire is very durable. It should last approximately 70,000 miles. This means it’s great for heavy use. But remember, actual tire life varies. It depends on how and where you drive. Proper maintenance also extends tire life.

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