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Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tire

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The Bridgestone WeatherPeak is one of the best tires with peak performance in all weather conditions. The tire is built with the 3PMSF rating, which indicates its severe snow service standard. Despite some concerns over noise issues on smooth roads and less-than-expected tread life, this tire’s high sales speak about its popularity among drivers.
Dry Traction
Wet Traction
Snow Traction
Noise and Comfort


  • Excellent snow and wet road traction.
  • Comfortable rides at high speed.
  • Exceptional traction performance in stagnant water.


  • Treadlife may not reach the 70,000-mile warranty.
  • Can be a bit noisy on smooth roads.
Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire
Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tire

Our Verdict

Bridgestone WeatherPeak is manufactured with a sophisticated tire technology required to withstand the storm. Its grip and stability are exceptional in snow, dry, or wet conditions.

Undoubtedly, weather condition is a major factor that affects a vehicle’s tire’s performance. Hence, you need a set of tires suitable for all weather conditions. 

Whether it is a summer, chilly winter, or rainy, this tire has covered you. The tire doesn’t slip during acceleration, regardless of your aggressive driving style. It also has a relatively shorter braking distance on dry roads.

You can’t be wrong in choosing this grand touring tire. You can also trust this tire with your everyday driving.

Suitable for

  • Dry and especially wet and rainy conditions.
  • Light and deep snow.

Not Suitable for

  • Sand and gravel.
  • Extreme hot season

What Do Users Say About Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tires?

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak has received tons of amazing reviews from users. They seem to be satisfied with the tire’s overall performance and safety.

One feedback from a Ford Explorer owner revealed that the WeatherPeak offers a slightly better grip in wet conditions than the Michelin.  

Another Ford driver testifies that the WeatherPeak is one of the best tires to use in icy or snow conditions. Furthermore, users also say they experience a significant fuel efficiency level with this tire.

The tire’s average life is around 55,000-65,000 miles, according to most user reviews. It is slightly less than the manufacturer’s 70,000 miles warranty.

I will summarize all other reviews in this simple statement. Most users are satisfied with the tire in wet and dry conditions, as well as in packed snow. Nonetheless, some people might need some time to adapt to the noise level on grooved pavements.

Pricing and Availability

At the time of writing this review, the Bridgestone WeatherPeak costs around $167 – $267. This price range is quite similar to other tires in its category. However, it is relatively cheaper than the Michelin CrossClimate2 for larger tire sizes. For a premium brand tire, I think WeatherPeak has a fair price. However, it is somewhat pricier than the regular all-season tires.

The Michelin CrossClimate2 costs around $148 – $415, while Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady costs between $141 and $275. In the same vein, Vredestein Quatrac Pro costs about $160 – $280. Considering the tire’s quality and performance, the Bridgestone WeatherPeak is worth it.

Specifications of Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tires

  • Category: All-Weather
  • UTQG: 700 A A 
  • Maximum Speed: 130 MPH
  • Treadwear Warranty: 5 Years / 70,000 Miles 
  • Workmanship & Materials Warranty: 5 Years / Free replacement first 3 years
  • Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty: No 
  • Maximum Inflation Pressure: 44-51 psi based on different tire sizes
  • Tread Depth: 10/32″ 
  • Rim Width Range:  5-9.5″ (Range is based on different tire sizes)
  • Load Range: SL or XL depending on the tire size 
  • Tire sizes: 57 sizes available from 15″ to 20″ rim diameter 
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) Rating: Yes

Key Features of Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tire

  • The tire is built with open shoulder slots, delivering exceptional grip and control on dry/wet roads.
  • It comes with 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification. With this, it provides enhanced winter braking with a 30-foot shorter stopping distance than its counterparts.
  • The NanoPro-Tech technology offers improved stability and traction in dry and wet conditions.
  • Features an optimized tread pattern for minimal noise level and excellent comfort.
  • Snow vices, full-depth 3D sipes, and groove channel evolving sipes guarantee exceptional grip on snow and strong wear performance.

Performance Evaluation of Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tire


The Bridgestone WeatherPeak has a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty. This makes it highly competitive with its counterparts. The Bridgestone WeatherPeak comes with a 700 AA UTQG rating. This indicates the use of durable compounds to improve treadwear.

However, despite the claims by its manufacturer, the tire’s warranty and service life may be compromised. There’s a tendency for the Bridgestone not to attain its warranty mileage. From experience, the tire often wears out faster than its competitors. 

However, the Bridgestone lasts longer than the Firestone WeatherGrip. I can say that its treadwear life is a little less compared to most tires in its class.

Dry Traction

Outstanding grip and traction are one of the competitive advantages of the Bridgestone WeatherPeak. The tire is built with a blocky and notched pattern having angled blocks. This provides a balance between noise level and dry traction.

The tire has a very dynamic handling. This along with its cornering characteristics provides a comfortable feel with peace. You can be sure of stability even when cornering at higher speeds. Users say that the WeatherPeak tire’s steering was fast and light. Additionally, the tire’s center rib further enhances predictable steering response. However, mid-corner corrections may be a bit loose.

Although the dry traction is satisfactory and ticks almost all the boxes, it is not as good as a dedicated all-season tire. As it is an all-weather tire, there seems to be more emphasis on snow and wet traction.

Wet Traction and Hydroplaning Resistance

This is the area of its specialty! The Bridgestone WeatherPeak has exceptional wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. It is built with many horizontal sipes, as well as laterally angled blocks. These features provide ample biting edges for excellent wet traction performance. No doubt, Bridgestone WeatherPeak is among the best wet-weather and rain tires in the market.

The tire also features open shoulder blocks with four circumferential grooves, offering high hydroplaning resistance. Again, its high-speed stability and performance are guaranteed on wet roads. The sidewalls and large shoulder blocks enhance stability. 

When driving, the tire can translate steering adjustments into accurate direction changes quickly. Furthermore, the constant high levels of grip and traction enhance stability, especially in corners.

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak has an additional reinforced nylon casing. This helps to maintain its shape at high speed, enhancing stability during wet cornering.

If you desire a tire with top-notch wet traction and hydroplaning resistance, the Bridgestone WeatherPeak is just perfect.

Stopping Distance (In Dry, Wet, and Snow)

When it comes to stopping distance, the WeatherPeak is a master with a responsive bite. The tire offers a very short braking distance in wet and dry conditions.

Furthermore, when it has to do with snow conditions, its performance is also commendable. However, it is more efficient in lighter snow. Comparing the WeatherPeak with its counterparts, this tire has one of the best stopping distances in snow.

Noise and Comfort

Noise and discomfort go hand in glove. That’s why you need a tire with minimal noise and exceptional comfort. The WeatherPeak is built for comfort with the ability to absorb small bumps and soften larger ones. 

Nonetheless, you may experience a slightly bouncy ride on broken roads. But I don’t think that’s an issue. What about its road noise level? The Bridgestone WeatherPeak is quieter compared to other tires in its class. However, it is not the quietest. 

When driving on pavements, the WeatherPeak’s compact pattern may produce some noise. Overall, you can be sure of enjoying a smooth ride with less vibration from road surfaces. 

Winter Performance (Snow and Ice)

Another major specialty of the Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire is the winter performance. The tire has a 3PMSF rating. This makes it better on snow compared to its competitors. The WeatherPeak offers exceptional winter performance, especially on packed snow. The WeatherPeak’s tread pattern is just like that of winter tires.

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak has snow vices and evolving sipes within the grooves. This enhances grip on light and deep snowy conditions.

When it comes to ice performance, the WeatherPeak provides a satisfactory grip. However, the tire delivers a limited performance level on ice as compared to dedicated winter tires.

Fuel Efficiency

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak tires improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. It is comparatively lightweight compared to most all-weather tires. This automatically results in reduced gas expenses. You can still enjoy your normal driving range at a lower fueling cost while saving the extra funds.

Comparison with Competitor Tires

Bridgestone WeatherPeak seems to be equal to Michelin CrossClimate2 and Vredestein Quatrac Pro in terms of overall performance but better than Firestone WeatherGrip. 

What about the Bridgestone WeatherPeak vs Michelin CrossClimate 2 traction test? When it comes to dry traction, the Michelin CrossClimate2 is slightly better. However, the Bridgestone WeatherPeak outshines it in terms of noise level and wet grip. Vredestein Quatrac Pro is slightly better in noise control than Bridgestone WeatherPeak.

Furthermore, the Bridgestone WeatherPeak delivers a better wet grip than the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady, especially in tight corners. Meanwhile, the Bridgestone WeatherPeak is the best in the snow among its all-weather competitors.

Some Notable Alternatives

1st Alternative

Michelin CrossClimate2 tire

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin CrossClimate2 has impressive all-weather performance along with longer treadwear.

Read our full Michelin CrossClimate2 Review

2nd Alternative

Vredestein Quatrac Pro tire

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Another premium all-weather tire with top-notch ride quality on wet and snow covered roads.

3rd Alternative

Firestone WeatherGrip tire

Firestone WeatherGrip

Firestone WeatherGrip is a popular tire among budget-conscious consumers. Offers good dry and wet grip in a variety of conditions.

How We Review the Tires?

There is a lot of work behind our detailed tire reviews. We adopt a multi-dimensional approach rather than just a ‘single person experience’. Our reviews are a collective wisdom of many users rather than a single user.

Before reviewing, we undertake extensive market research, meticulously examine the specifications of each tire, and carry out a very thorough analysis of user reviews from top retailers. Finally, our keen tire experts apply their experience and expertise and provide a well-rounded assessment of tires. Read our detailed review process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak comes with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) rating. That means the tire meets the severe snow service requirements. You can trust the WeatherPeak’s performance based on this rating.

The Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire is a perfect choice for your SUV. Also, the tire is manufactured with various vehicle fitments. Some of these include sedans, coupes, minivans, and CUVs.

Of course, Bridgestone WeatherPeak is an excellent tire for winter conditions. Its snow vices, full-depth 3D sipes, and groove channel-evolving sipes are designed for that purpose. They synergize in providing powerful grip and stability in snow-covered areas.

Also, thanks to the tire’s 3PMSF rating. It says a lot about its improved snow traction. However, you cannot compare these features with a dedicated winter tire. In other words, the WeatherPeak tire will most likely be deficient in extreme winter and icy conditions.

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